Android VS iPhone - Which One is Better

Android VS iPhone
Android VS iPhone


Android Vs iPhone - Which One is better?

I know everyone will say I prefer iPhone to Android devices. In these articles, we are going to see some of the great features that contribute to boat edge Android and iPhone which will give each aspect of why you will work with your choice.

I tried to put these articles together based on my personal choice and experience. Unlike me, I prefer Android to iPhone which I will give some of the features that made me fall in love with Android much than iPhone.

Android Vs iPhone - Which one better?

First let us learn some keynotes between this two smartphones: Android and iPhone.

What is An Android Devices?

According to the English meaning, An android is a robot that is designed to looks and acts like a human. Agreed with this little composed statement, an android is a robot that can be easily be customized to one's satisfaction. More explanations will be given below.

What is An iPhone Devices

Can you find iPhone meaning in the English meaning? Absolutely NO! So, an iPhone can appear as devices that act to human satisfaction in some perspectives which can not be customized in any form. More explanation will be given below.

Why I Prefer to be An Android User with my Opinion

Android Vs iPhone - Which one more better?

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I am going to be specific with my opinion and my experience the reason why I love or prefer using an Android device. Like I stated above, Android can be jailbreak and customize to human satisfaction as known as a robot that acts like a human. Below are some spec classified under Android to iPhone.

 Android Vs iPhone - USB TYPE-C.

 The U in USB stands for universal. I should be able to charge my headphones, laptop, and any of my other technological devices with my USB. Why should the iPhone be the exception? Charging. The base iPhone 11 comes with a 5w charger. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18w charger. On the other hand, the Galaxy s10 comes with a 25w and the Oneplus 7pro with a 30w. 90hz displays. Going back to the iPhone’s 60hz feels archaic whenever I scroll.

The notch. The iPhone is one of the last flagship phones to have a sizable notch (pixel 4 is the other exception). Aesthetically speaking, I think most people would agree that the s10 and OP7P are more beautiful than the bunny-ears on the iPhone.

Android Vs iPhone - Back Button

The “back button". Why oh why doesn’t the iPhone have a back button. Do they really expect me to be looking for the back button for every individual app? lol. It’s the little things like that really detract from the overall experience.  Unlike the Android phone, which you can easily notice the back button and the others.

Android Vs iPhone - Money Saving for Purchase

Okay, let us talk about the money used in going for Android and iPhone. Flagship Androids frequently go on sale for hundreds of dollars off, but you’re lucky to get a 5% discount when buying an iPhone. Android phones are also cheaper to fix. Better displays. The galaxy s10/Note10 literally has the best smartphone display in the world. The images are sharper, the contrast is higher, and the colors are more colorful.

Yeah! Iphones are very much okay when it comes to their own right. But, as for me, I’m sticking with Android. You can see some of the great features of why I prefer Android to the iPhone. These articles will be updated if we have another feature to be added here. Please you too can also drop your contribution to these articles.

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