How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App

How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App
How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App

 How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App

 Free 5GB Data for free for those using the Flaim app. This is a new app reward and it's offering her users 5GB for free if you are an active user and making sure you bring more people to the app as a part of referring people to the app which will also earn you small money or DATA.

In this post, I am going to show you guys in detail How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim Apps this is for free and you don't have to pass through stress. But first, you need to gain some information about the APP how it works and how you can also use it to get your free 5GB DATA for free.

 What is the FLAIM APP?

FLAIM APP is also wanting to appear among the best social app just like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and others socials media apps. This Application is designed to make easy communication in the easiest way to meet for everyone. FLAIM APP has a lot of features compare to like WhatsApp, Telegram and it also allows you to chat with your friends and loved ones in just a single click.

When did FLAIM APP was Launched?

FLAIM APP had been existing for quite a while now and FLAIM APP had been also giving some users giveaways such can be freebies.  This also states that is not the freebies coming from FLAIM APP, it's just another one and I am going to let you know how you can take advantage of it. Let disclose everything you need to know about the FLAIM APP and how to get your 5GB free DATA.

 How Can I Get Flaim Free 5GB Data for free?

The FLAIM APP, they are doing a giveaway just for them to promote their app to the Audience in other to get more users so, they are giving users the opportunity to claim a free 5GB worth of DATA. 

What you must note here is that, you must be an action on the app to be eligible for this free data: Chating, Active, bringing users to the platform too!.

FLAIM APP group their packages into three (3) stages outlined below:

1. Be a Registered member on FLAIM APP.

2. Be an active member of the app for a few days. E.G: 5 DAYS IN A WEEKS.

3. With this, you can now stand a chance to be selected among the users and get the free 5GB data as a reward for being their active member.

 How To Register and Download FLAIM APP

1. GOTO play store and search for FLAIM APP or click here to download it for the play store directly.

 2. After downloading it will be installed automatically. Click on "OPEN" and click on a button labeled with "GET STARTED".

How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App

3. Enter and verify your mobile number in the second box as shown in the screenshot. Make sure you enter your number with the country code.

4. At this stage, you need to enter your name and click on the "CONTINUE BUTTON".

How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App

5. Upload your picture on the next page and click on the finish button.

Tips to be Active On FLAIM APP to Stand Chance to get 5GB FOR FREE?

Below, I am going to give some clue on how to fasting your free data. After installing FLAIM APP in your phone. The next thing is to be active using the APP just for a short period of time. You can consider some clue on how to fasting your free DATA:

1. Make use of the app day in and day out...

2. Make a long conversation chatting with your friends. This ideal might seems to be more stressful but, it worth it to trust me.

3. Also, invite your friends to also install the app via XENDER or BLUETOOTH and engage yourselves in a long conversation with each other. The good part here is that both of you will stand a chance to get free 5GB free data.

4. Use the FLAIM APP to make chat calling to your friends on the app too which is absolutely free, call each other and engage in oral conversation it also helps too.

If you can put the above onto practicing, you could stand a chance to win your giveaway. You can also drop your question or contribution if gotten any.

How can I be Notify if I WIN my 5GB?

Simple as this, you have been selected. You will be notified of the notification ICON place to claim your giveaway on FLAIM APP.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, if you have any questions, you can states it below in the comments box.

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