Unlimited Capped Free Browsing for MTN Users 2020 - Free Browsing Idea

The internet has come a very long way of being a source of solution to people around the globe. So, everyone needs internet money to browse and engage in different stuff like:
  1. Watching online videos YouTube highly recommended.
  2. Reading news online and get the latest work news update.
  3. Some others mean that the internet can be useful to a human.
Today, I am going to provide some idea of how you can browse the internet for free with no cost but capped at a given time base on spend per day. I bring to you TweakWare tweak for MTN users.

Introduction MTN FREE BROWSING using Tweakware:

Tweakware: is an Android VPN application that provides config and manual settings for free browsing. This Android application is capable to connect to any provided server and gain access and unblock any restricted websites.

With this application, you could be able to browse for free if only you follow the right setting or importing the right config settings.

What is the Meaning of a VPN?

What stands for:
  1. V - VIRTUAL
  2. P - PRIVATE
  3. N - NETWORK

Why Should I use VPN?

Well VPN like the name tells, it helps us to keep ourselves anonymous and help use our bypass and unblock restricted websites.

With this, you could be able to browse for free with limited time. But, at least its worth using. So, lets me show you how to make it work on the manual config. Unlike the previous post on How to Get Free 5GB Data On Flaim App which you can get free 5GB DATA for free.

The Concept of Using Tweakware VPN Setting:

1. Internet connection 3G or 4G recommended

2. The Android Application Tweakware VPN App

3. Technical knowledge and attention to all the steps provided here.

4. MTN SIM CARD with 0:00K credit or DATA.

 How to Set TWEAKWARE VPN for Free Browsing Manually

To set the Tweakware settings for free browsing is as simple as the bellow. All you have to is to follow the below settings as and you also need technical skill a little at least.

1. Go to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and search for "TWEAKWARE VPN" or you can click here to download TWEAKWARE VPN from the Google Play store directly. And after downloading, install in your Android Phone and click on open.

2. Click on the "SELECT TWEAK" and select the "MTN 0:00K" either server 1 or 2.


3. After you have selected as the screenshot shown above, you can click on the "CONNECT" that indicates a green button.


4. Once you click on the CONNECT GREEN ICON you have to wait for like 5 SECONDS it will start connection just like that.

Another alternate is by importing TWEAKWARE CONFIG FILE. The below steps will guild you on how to upload already made config files to the TWEAKWARE VPN.

How to Use and Upload Tweakware Files 


To learn how to upload config files to Tweakware VPN then you have to follow the basic procedure below:

1. Download my already made config TWEAKWARE FILE to the TWEAKWARE VPN.

2. Click on the "SETTING at the top bar area" in your TWEAKWARE VPN and locate "IMPORT 

3. Here you have to locate where the file is. Since you have downloaded the file to your Android phone. It will be located on "DOWNLOADED FILES" so, import the config file to your TWEAKWARE VPN.

4. After importing the config file the Tweakware, you have to click on the "CONNECT BUTTON" and allow it to load for some seconds.


These are two workings you can enjoy free browsing on your MTN SIM card with 0:00k for free without paying a dime. 

If you have any question regarding this article you can please use the comments box or use the contacting page to report some technical issues

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