Vlogging (VIDEO BLOGGING) or Blogging (CONTENTS BLOOGING)? Which one Should I Choose?


Vlogging (VIDEO BLOGGING) or Blogging? Which one Should I Choose?
Blogger or YouTube?

Where do you belong between the two platform or which one is suitable for you? In this post I am going to show you or with my own experience which and how you should choose you own platform if working online is a choice from your end.

Like I said, with my own experience, you will knowledgeable think the one best for you for start on. You know in the world of online activities today has become to improve in their hardship meaning if you have the mindset of making money from online action it's going to be so much difference than how you place it. Before jumping to my experience let me quickly states some facts

about the two competitors. Vlogging and Blogging, which one is the best for me or which should I pick?

What is Vlogging?

What is Vlogging
What is Vlogging

In the question above, if you're not familiar with the spelling then, this short note will help you out. Vlogging is also know as VIDEO BLOGGING which stand by the act of uploading contents as videos to any video platform that can be streamed online. There are many video platform you can upload your videos on but one of the most popular online videos platform is YouTube platform where many kinds of video can be uploaded.

Can I upload any Kinds video on YouTube?

Privileged to upload videos on YouTube platform doesn't mean you are to be uploading any kinds of videos on the platform because, they have their own YouTube Contents Policies which every users are liable to abide with. On a very short note, you're not allow to upload videos like;


You can read more about their videos guiding YouTube Contents Policies that you can uploading and not to. Now, lets come down to BLOGGING act.

What is Blogging?


What is Blogging
What is Blogging

Yes, you might tent to ask this questions, what is Blogging? Even before coming across this articles you might heard the words BLOGGING and most of you want to be doing BLOGGING

becoming a BLOGGER. Blogging is the act is giving your skills in forms of writing to your audience for solution to be solved. So, be a BLOGGER or blogging on a specific niches you should the types of contents that will suite your audience.

Can I Publish any Articles on my Blog or Websites?

Similar to YouTube videos uploading they also have their Contents Policies and rules that you should not violate else a penalty will be faced. Some violated contents can be;


So, before going to the main articles of this topic still, you should know the above important, okay!

Now, the questions is you want to become a BLOGGER or VLOGGING, which one should I choose? Like I said I am not going to choose for you or an individual which one should embark on but, my experience will make a vivid contribution to act according your choice.

My Experience On Blogging

Early 2017 years back, I started BLOGGING after making my complete website or blog set up. I got a host, purchase my domain name and design the blog myself, then started publishing contents. Guess what, my plan was after making my complete website then, boom! I will start my earnings (making money), LOL. You will agree with me that, every websites or blogs owners will be striving to earn to met up with host due to domain bill in the next year, right?

I was after money making in the life of blogging while my traffics was not encourage to make much money as expected. Approving any ADS advertisement  company was never seems to be the problem but, getting traffics was the main major problems. The truth is: Without traffics, there is no earnings!

I tried difference method in getting traffics but all seems to be in vain! Heck no! I also went ahead buy some premium plugins still, not working out. Remember my hosting and domain was ruing dues.

My Experience On Blogging Break Down

So, what are your opinion on the above? Starting a BLOG is it hard or soft which involve spending carpals? Now, on my own aspect I spend not less that 25k in starting up my complete blog and end up without a earning dime! Des-part I was a beginner. In completion, you spend much money minus the data subscriptions you made each time you got them exhausted.

 I spent not less than 25k on my first blog, without earning no money from the 25k I spent was just a total waist! How do you feel for me? happy that I made it or I loos the game? Honestly, deep down I was in pain. I couldn't recover my hosting and domain that very year. Now, let's go down to my experience on Vlogging (VIDEO-BLOGGING).

My Experience On Vlogging (VIDEO-BLOGGING).

In the middle of 2018 I started my first YouTube channel. I made it to be on TECH, EARNING NICHE of which I can earn some extra income like, short-linking earning links.(this will earn me a cent or dollar if I get a clicks from it.). Was it so expensive for me to open my YouTube channel? It's cost me nothing departs I was facing some challenges like; 

  1. Video choosing uploading.
  2. Logo Designing.
  3. Banner Art Designing.
  4. Data Subscription challenges, ETC.

One thing I love about being a You Tuber is that, you are privilege to create your own channel for free without paying a dime, no cost bills to open. Just like I started on above concerning the contents publishing. But, one thing you must take note:

  1. CONTENTS POLICIES(You have three 2 chance, the last is your account will be terminated).
  2. COMMUNITY POLICIES (You have three 2 chance, the last is your account will be terminated).

In some cases, you might receive strike or direct account termination with no warnings. YEA, I made my first 5 dollars from short-links. To be honest with myself, my contents was not mine but doing some retouching on them and uploading. 

My videos went viral and starting getting subscribers. You know, according their policies, you have to have 4k watch hour and 1k subscribers before your channel will be eligible to participant on the monetization program.The very first day I generated or reach my 1k subscribers, my YouTube channel was terminated without no warning(s). You see the difference right? 

 All your effort can be like a blow away dust in a twinkle of an eye just like that! After all I made my first 5 dollars on a platform I had not invested on. So, what is the difference? asking you to compare and transit then, know the differences. Just like I said, I will not choose for you but, you have to compare to get the difference.

In Conclusion

Involving yourself on the boat platform is very okay but, you have to compare to your choice. And now, owning your own videos is the best option this very time. YouTube take is very serious on any video copyright violations or community violations as well. 

Which will resolve to termination of your account. Please, this articles is just base on experience so, I didn't decide for you or choose the platform you should be in. And your suggestion is also welcomed on the comments box if we see how important it is, We will updates the articles and add your contributions you have given.

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